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Data Roaming

Data Roaming is one of Australia’s hidden gems in the scene of dance music. Writing in a multitude of genres such as Bass House, Drum N Bass and Halftime, Data Roaming is no stranger to diversity. Since the beginning of his project in 2020, he has made leaps and bounds in his production with releases on labels such as Sassinated, Røyalty Recørds and many more to come.


Heavily influenced by the sound design of neuro-bass music, his unique sound rings through. This particularly shines when brought to the realms of house music. Forever chasing the sounds he hears in his head, Data Roaming is constantly pushing the boundaries of his selected genres. 


Supported by international artists such as Dr Fresch, XBLYSSID and PYROMOTIVE as well as a slew of Australian acts, his network grows by the day. Holding large collaborations with Art Supplies, P A R T I K L, Riptidal and more on the way, Data Roaming is only getting started.